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VIP Shuttle Service

A rickshaw can be branded with your corporate identity and en masse they make a great spectacle.

There's no need to be trapped in traffic jam, with clients feeling let down; a rickshaw shows you care about the environment and our riders can put your clients in the picture with promotions and hand-outs.

Experience the thrill of city life on a rickshaw - an open-topped trip through town with a knowledgeable rider is certain to put your clients in a great mood - its a wonderful conversation starter!

Rickshaw trips are fun! Bugbugs' cycles have been used at many major events from the Olympics to Wimbledon.

Rickshaws are a ring-side seat for your outdoor promotion. A Bugbug plays a great part in not just transport but it creats a sense of fun and adventure at your corporate promotion and events.

Bugbugs are a great mode of transport

For your corporate event.

Rickshaws can take your clients from A to B in a way that will put a smile on everyone's face.

Do you need to get delegates from a hotel to a conference centre or exhibition hall? Rickshaws are fun and fast and we can get your clients to their destination in style.

Nothing beats the spin of the bike wheels for Eco-friendly transportation and if you opt for full branding they will have an eye catching impact on every person we pass.

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