Featuring a bike's handlebars, high visibility safety vest and helmet in front of lockers - to denote Bugbugs training

Bugbugs Rickshaw Training

On this course you will be trained to level three of the National Standards for cycling, this will also help with day to day cycling.

You will also learn how to handle a rickshaw and how to ensure passenger safety.

At the end of the training you will need to pass a rickshaw handling and road test.

If you don’t pass the first time you may retest twice at no extra cost.

Courses are usually run on a Wednesday

Courses start at noon and run until around 8 pm. For information on the next training course, please contact us at the email address shown below.

Please book early, as there are only a limited number of placesavailable at each training session.

For full training details and for information regarding current costs, please email Bugbugs at info@bugbugs.com and make the subject ‘training information request’.
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