An example of Bugbugs rickshaw branding featuring Tuborg Beer An example of Bugbugs pedicab branding for the Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane An example of Bugbugs rickshaw branding for the Hindi film 'Raavan' written and produced by Mani Ratnam An example of Bugbugs pedicab branding for National Express Coaches - making travel simpler An example of Bugbugs rickshaw branding for World Scleroderma Day An example of Bugbugs pedicab branding for Marks and Spencers An example of Bugbugs rickshaw branding at Wimbledon with Blossom Hill Wines An example of Bugbugs pedicab branding featuring a 'use your vote' campaign

Bugbugs Rickshaw Advertising

Bugbugs was the first company to bring Rickshaw Advertising to London streets.

We believe that rickshawsare the most cost effective method to get your message across to large numbers of young, vibrant city-goers - rickshaws are prominent in the city-scape and are seen by more and more people as the volume of commuters and residents increases.

If you have never thought of using rickshaw advertising in London, there has never been a better time.

The cost of advertising on our rickshaws.

Bugbugs can provide a wide range of advertising opportunities from a single branded Bugbug right throught to an entire fleet brand. Our riders can also provide on message information if required. The campaign can be tailored to your needs and the cost may well be less than you think.

We would love to discuss any advertising campaign you may be planning so either contact us using the contact us page or call us on 020 7353 4028 for friendly advice.

Bugbugs have a fleet of 40 high quality and eye catching platforms in the West End of London with the following advertising space available:

  • 1x rear panel 1100mmx800mm


  • 1x rear+2sides wrap 3000mmx800mm


  • 1x rear upover 1016mmx1524mm (4sheet)


    Full panel kit consisting of:

  • 1x rear panel 
  • 2x sides
  • 1x passenger seating (two parts)
  • 1x forward facing
  • 1x small front triangle
  • 2x rear wheel covers

  • 1x branded canopy
  • 2x front wheel covers 
  • Minor and mayor modifications 
  • Custom build 
  • frame color change

Please download our rickshaw advertising specification here.

We ask that all artwork provided for rickhaw advertising campaigns is in high resolution pdf format and is provided at least 7 days prior to an advertising event.

Bugbugs have a preferred design partner who will be happy to help with your advertising campaign or provide advice. Please contact us for further details.

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