Bugbugs celebrating a victory outside the Royal Courts of Justice

Thanks to:

Chris Smallwood of Bugbugs Ltd for his help with setting up pedicabs in London in 1998 and his major role in helping the London Pedicab Operators Association (LPOA) to work through the complex task of finding a working solution to industry regulation.

Neil Adams, Kathy Stuart and Sabine Ibanez for being the right hands of Bugbugs Ltd throughout the early years.

Ilmis Cerneckis for being the unseen support in Bugbugs Ltd and Bugbugs Media Ltd.

Michael Linke for his work with Bicycling Empowerment Network Namibia (BENN).

Also to:

Lukasz Kaczmarek and Marta Szostek for providing new photography and for working through our existing pictures.

David Mills for web design and overall Bugbugs brand graphics update and implementation. He is our highly recommended service provider for graphic design services to our clients.

Jason Rafferty at Town Hill IT for web programming, SEO and maintenance.

Julian Pelin for music on our new YouTube clips

Foodcycle for helping with food collections

Jon at Foodbank

Pret Charity for their help

Sainsbury for their help
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