Pedicab rider lifting vehicle frame with prominent Bugbugs logo in foreground

Why take a rickshaw rather than other transport?

Lots of reasons!
Firstly, rickshaws are great fun, especially if you’re out and about with friends. Rickshaws (also known as pedicabs) are completely emission free and environmentally friendly, which helps keep London and the rest of the planet cleaner.

Our riders have an excellent knowledge of the local restaurants, theatres, bars and clubs, so they’ll easily be able to deliver you to any hard-to-find venue.

Will I be safe while riding in a Bugbugs rickshaw?

Our riders are fully trained to level three of the National Standards for cycling. They also adhere to a code of conduct, follow the road rules and make sure that passengers are buckled in on every ride. Our rickshaws are sourced from UK, European and US manufacturers, all are covered by third party insurance and regularly checked and maintained.

Can I book a rickshaw in advance for a special event?

Yes you can.
Whether you’re organising an all-day corporate event , a one-off romantic ride, a wedding or a hen night, we can be there for you. Contact us to discuss dates, times and the number of rickshaws you need.

I’d like to advertise my products on a rickshaw. How do I go about that?

There are various options for advertising on a Bugbugs rickshaw.
Whether you know exactly what you want or you’re still not sure, contact us to talk about options and pricing.

Have a look at some examples of successful advertising campaigns in our gallery.

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