An example of Bugbugs rickshaw branding featuring Tuborg Beer An example of Bugbugs pedicab branding for the Intercontinental Hotel Park Lane An example of Bugbugs rickshaw branding for the Hindi film 'Raavan' written and produced by Mani Ratnam An example of Bugbugs pedicab branding for National Express Coaches - making travel simpler An example of Bugbugs rickshaw branding for World Scleroderma Day An example of Bugbugs pedicab branding for Marks and Spencers An example of Bugbugs rickshaw branding at Wimbledon with Blossom Hill Wines An example of Bugbugs pedicab branding featuring a 'use your vote' campaign

Bugbugs are unique!

Bugbugs is London’s oldest pedicab operator, we started the ball rolling and work hard at keeping it rolling, both in standards and our future vision for London's zero emission transport.
Our London rickshaws are available for media, corporate events, private hire, promotions, weddings, as event shuttles and are great for outdoor advertising media and handing out samples.
Bugbugs is different from other London ricksaw operators - we are a not for profit social enterprise, dedicated to providing full time and part-time work in London to those that want it.
We provide guidance and advice to fabricators on how to build a better pedicab, on how to set up a good pedicab company and also continue our social responsibility, by working with small charities to prevent food from becoming waste.
All bugbugs riders have to pass our stringent in house pedicab training course, and are fully insured to carry passengers. This training is also the foundation of the 2006 PCOs consultation and is used as the model for all other companies in an expected license.
The training includes levels 1, 2 and 3 of the national standard for cycling, recognised through out the UK, to ensure that our riders know how to use the roads in the UK and that that knowledge is up to date.
Bugbugs' fleet of London pedicabs provide, proven, socially aware and unique outdoor advertising opportunities in London’s West End and if needed, further afield.

Why not become one of our sponsors and book us for a media campaign as part of your social responsibility to young people and the environment?

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