Entrance to Bugbugs base - number 63 Shoe Lane, London EC4A 3BE

Bugbugs Since 1998

Bugbugs pedicabs was originally setup as a not for profit business aiming to empower people.

Our rickshaw riders learn how to support themselves in London by providing zero emission transportation and outdoor advertising.

All our pedicab riders are fully trained to level 3 of the national cycling standard and additionally pass a work bike module developed in conjunction with the London CTC.

Bugbugs as innovators

Bugbugs are innovators in the field of zero emission transportation and use state-of-the-art technology. Bugbugs have modernised and updated the traditional rickshaw design, exceeding the stringent standards specified by Transport for London.

Bugbugs are all equipped with passenger safety belts, full lighting systems, dual hydraulic braking systems and other design features to ensure safe and comfortable journeys. Our pedicabs are maintained by qualified mechanics and we only purchase our pedicabs from EU or US suppliers who have full product liability.

Our fantastic bespoke West End promotion pedicabs are created through our workshop to order.

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