A Bugbugs rider at work in Soho, Central London A Bugbugs rider and passenger are smiling for the camera Two Bugbugs riders showing off their T-Shirts, with the slogan 'you're better off by bike' A Bugbugs rider posing with pedicab during the evening shift at work in Soho, Central London Taking Five - a Bugbugs rider reading a paper between passengers

Who rides with Bugbugs ?

  • Students ride with us to help with course fees and to travel.
  • Others ride with us to pay off loans or to save for a house.
  • Some ride to enjoy the social side or to keep fit and to make a difference - 'to be part of the solution'.
  • Riders come from all sections of society, age groups, countries and are part of a big thriving pedicab community that now stretches worldwide.

How much will it cost to ride with Bugbugs and what will I earn?

  • Rickshaws are lease from us on a monthly, weekly or nightly/daily basis (pedicabs are stored at the base after each shift.)
  • Costs start from £5 per day-time (7am-6pm but not Sunday).
  • Earnings are related to how you work, knowledge and experience, most riders work hard and earn accordingly.
  • You keep all the fares that you make, most riders earn between £5-£10 per hour but this is not fixed.

What Level 3 cycling is about & why are we doing this?

Bugbugs are getting riders ready for the license/registration, as set out in the 2006 consultation document .

By offering this training as just another step, Bugbugs hope to make getting a license/registration seamless (you won’t even notice), the added benefit is that you will also be a better cyclist & rickshaw rider.

Bugbugs riders are amongst the best trained cyclists on London roads and this may be the reason for so many going on to work in bike related industries.

For more information on training, please email info@bugbugs.com

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