Three children posing seated on a rickshaw during a sunny day in the park A man in a morning suit and top hat with a woman wearing a blue dress and hat are posing seated on a Bugbugs rickshaw Three people seated on a rickshaw, smiling and waving a flag during an event for the Irish Cultural Centre A couple seated on a Bugbugs rickshaw smiling outside a large tent at an event Two women posing with a rider and a Bugbugs pedicab on the high street Three women posing seated on the back of a Bugbugs rickshaw on a bright sunny day Bugbug rickshaws on the road with passengers watched by onlookers Children smiling at the back of a Bugbugs branded rickshaw

Leaders in London.

Bugbugs clients have helped us become leaders in London pedicabs.

We distinguish ourselves from the pack by implementing best practice in all that we do.

Comments from our clients include: “Best ever service!” and “Exceptional promotional response.”

Our rickshaws have been described as “Green, clean, fun machines.”

Clients book us again and again...

Clients book us again and again because we work to very high standards of quality, whatever your event.

We ensure through proper training and implementation of best practice that you will be delighted with the outcome. 

Bugbugs rickshaws have won The City of London Platinum Award on two occasions in the Clean City Awards plus a ‘Highly Commended’ in the Virgin Responsible Tourism Awards.

Our quality systems and procedures are being used as a benchmark by the London authorities in designing the licensing scheme soon to be introduced in London.

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