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Bugbugs events

We offer a wide range of event support, from product sampling and store openings to the more personal occasions, from wedding transport to funerals using our eco-hearse.

In addition to this we have a bespoke filming dolly, we offer eco-removals or parade transport or floats.

Whatever the occasion our rickshaw riders will enter into the spirit of your event and help you to achieve your aims, either in London or at other locations in the UK.

More events ...

The range of events we have helped deliver over the years has grown as the demand for clean green transport increases.

Clients and sponsors have recognised the diverse range of possibilities we can accommodate – not least to reduce their environmental impact.

Promotional events become more eye-catching, a new fun element for weddings or a touch more excitement for any event - the possibilities are endless.

Bugbugs has been able to deliver these using bespoke pedicabs, rickshaws, tuc tucs, cargo-bikes or by customising our standard fleet in your corporate livery, canopy design or branding.

We will work with you to develop ideas and provide transport or an outdoor advertising platform that will certainly catch attention.

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