Shirin Gerami Iran's first female triathlon participant in the world championships.

Amazing female Rickshaw rider, Shirin Gerami, becomes Iran's first female triathlon participant in the world championships. 

When Ms Shirin Gerami started work as part of the Bugbugs rider team, only the closest of her fellow rickshaw riders knew of the burning flame alight within her to be a triathlete. What most knew however, was that she has a passion for sports and work, along with the extra lengths she goes to build up her stamina and spirit. 

Shirin Gerami is known for her kind heart, always ready to help or to support her fellow travellers on the road of life. In her rickshaw life this would often take the shape of lifts from the centre of the west end to Earls court and beyond, at times so cheap a black cab would refuse. This young lady has built her own fame amongst the rickshaw rider community, through her epic adventures. One adventure starred the young athlete in an endurance cycle ride across the lake district in the middle of winter, a challenge most cyclists would shudder at. The modesty with which she greets her success, belittles the amazing task achieved. Those that know her, believe she has formed the steel of determination to push herself, as she challenges preconceptions of what woman can and can't do in her faith, to the misconceptions held about the people of her motherland Iran.

Her technique of training and socialising brought her to Bugbugs, a self funding, social enterprise, offering work as a rickshaw rider. Bugbugs was set up as the first pedicab operator in London and it's aim was to provide zero emission transport and advertising to Londoners and tourists alike. The firm attracts riders from all walks of life and Shirin is one of a growing number of young, gifted and determined people that are showing what can be done, though self discipline, determination and the will to work at achieving the goals we set.

@HassanRouhani: Shirin Gerami about to become the 1st female #Iranian triathlete to officially participate in the world championships. #pride

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