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Bugbugs Breaking News.

Amazing female Rickshaw rider, Shirin Gerami, becomes Iran's first female triathlon participant in the world championships.

When Ms Shirin Gerami started work as part of the Bugbugs rider team, only the closest of her fellow rickshaw riders knew of the burning flame alight within her to be a triathlete. What most knew however, was that she has a passion for sports and work, along with the extra lengths she goes to build up her stamina and spirit. 

Introducing the BugKM - The newest member of our fleet.

When it comes to the design and manufacture of rickshaws for our London operation, every small detail matters! From the steel used in the frame to the depth of the paint, to how the canopy is secured.

With over 15 years of experience, we have worked with and learned from the best.

Today we continue to produce reliable, long lasting and safe pedicabs.

The newest member of our fleet is the BugKM - we believe this is the best human powered vehicle available today.

So feel free to book us for a trial event and see what all the fuss is about.

London by rickshaw is better than bicycle.

In one way, you don't have to peddle but you do get to enjoy the sights and have a great day at your own speed, unlike the Tube, a black cab or the big red London bus.

London was never built for cars or big buses but has had for the largest part of it's existence been made for walking and horse drawn carriages.

The age of cycle transport has matured to the London pedicab - a human powered bike taxi service and fantastic outdoor media opportunity.

Bugbugs are totally green and emission free. Our London Rickshaws are checked for safety and records are kept and audited.

With the TFL journey planner you will see how easy it is to get from A to B by peddle power, using a Barclays Hire Bike (Boris Bikes) or better still our Bugbug.

Our fleet of Bugbugs are a perfect outdoor promotion tool for any type of business. and are a great way to get a media campaign in front of thousands of people per day.

By sponsoring our fleet you will get your media campaign in front of thousands of people every day .

The eye catching novelty of passengers having fun becomes a total must for a corporate day out or short shuttle service between venues, it's blasting your message from the back of every fun filled trip


An environmental social business.

With Bugbug's wins at the London Clean City Awards, we show the 'best practice' policy, at the heart of Bugbugs.

We know that our investment in top end equipment and training pays off.

Based on a social business model our aims are to empower riders and to provide to corporate clients, an outlet for environmental corporate responsibility, so when looking for the best way to advertise in London, go green, pick our ecological taxi service.

Bugbugs do not only provide a top class shuttle service but we have also supplied many additional bespoke options, from creating specialised peddle powered trikes like the fake TukTuks to the fully operational cinema trike for Virgin Media (known as the flickshaw).

Bugbugs London Rickshaw operations started in 1998 and the list of corporate sponsors is distinguished and long. Please see our sponsors page for a comprehensive list or see our gallery page for some of the pedicabs we have branded in the past.

Think Rickshaws London, think Bugbugs.

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